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E | SURGICAL                       G | RESTORATIVE
Implantology Solutions
Black Line                    E1 Handles                                           G1
Burs and Trephines            E3 Instrument Set for Minimally Invasive Dentistry   G2
Calipers                      E17 by Prof. Dr. Peter Kotschy
Chisels                            Approximal Instrument Set by                   G10
Curettes                      E19  Dr. Robert Kalla
Elevators                                                                          G11
Elevators - Luxating Hybrids  E20 Composite Instruments Kit by Prof. Ivo Krejci   G12
Atraumair Forceps             E21 Dietschi Composculp Instruments                 G14
Apical Forceps                E28 Satin Steel XTS Composite Instruments           G19
Grafting Instruments          E34 Composite/Plastic Filling Instruments           G25
Hemostats                     E42 Hatchets                                        G26
Knives                        E48 Chisels & Hoes                                  G28
Needle Holders                E50 Excavators                                      G32
Osteotomes                    E65 Placement Instruments                           G33
Periosteals                   E68 Amalgam Carriers                                G34
Periotomes                    E71 Pluggers/Condensers                             G38
Rongeurs                      E78 Amalgam Files & Forceps                         G39
Scalpel Handles and Blades    E87 Carvers                                         G43
Scissors                      E92 Carver Knives                                   G44
                              E101 Burnishers                                     G46
Sinus Lift Instruments        E108 Gingival Retractors                            G47
                              E114 Gingival Cord Packers                          G48
Perma Sharp Sutures           E118 Crowns                                         G49
Syringes                                                                          G51
Tissue Pliers                 E125 Crown Removers                                 G52
Wire                                                                              G54
                              E130 Nash/Taylor Esthetic Instruments               G55
F | ENDODONTIC                                                                    G56
Endodontic Microsurgery       E134 Spatulas                                       G57
Excavators                    E135 Spatulas & Knives                               H2
Endodontic Accessories                                                             H4
Spreaders                     E143 Chu’s Aesthetic Gauges                          H7
Pluggers                                                                          H10
Rubber Dam Clamps                  Measuring Devices & Wax Carvers                H13
Rubber Dam Clamp                                                                  H17
Accessories & Kits                           P.K. Thomas Waxing Instruments       H23
                              F2                                                  H24
                              F11 H | ORTHODONTIC                                 H26

                              F12 Clear Collection for Clear Aligners

                              F13 Ortho Lingual Collection

                              F14 Cutters

                              F17 Utility Pliers

                              F20 Wire Forming Pliers

                              F24 Hand Instruments
                                              Mathieus, Scissors & Hemostats

                                   Ortho Accessories & Reference

                                   Wire Bends & Reference

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