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Slim Flush Cut & Hold Distal End Cutter and Ultra Slim Weingart Utility Pliers

IMPROVED ACCESS. GREATER VISIBILITY. With the new Slim Flush Cut & Hold Distal End Cutter (678-113)

With the Slim Flush Cut & Hold instrument, Hu-Friedy has combined artistry and function to produce a product that is uniquely capable of adding value to the Orthodontist’s ability to deliver optimal patient care. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Improved access and enhanced visibility made possible by a working end that has been reduced by 50% as compared to 678-111
  • Optimized patient comfort and safety and significant time savings, delivered through a true flush cut & hold instrument that helps decrease emergency stick appointments and helps improve efficiency by eliminating the need for a cotton roll or piece of gauze to catch the cut portion
  • Additional flexibility on archwire selection given the instrument’s ability to cut up to .021" x .025"
  • Steam sterilizable

Slimmer by Comparison – 50% thinner end

Occlusal view of the Slim Flush Cut & Hold Distal End

The latest addition to the Weingart Utility Pliers Family

Even the new ultra slender Weingart pliers have very fine working ends. They are an additional 45 percent thinner than the slender Hu-Friedy Weingart pliers. With this delicate instrument, the exact placement and removal of arch wires is made considerably easier in hard-to-reach areas. The pliers can be used in wires of up to 0.03 inches.